Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wrote about GIL DAO's Full Fathom Five for VICE

Just wrote about GIL DAO's new FULL FATHOM FIVE song for Vice. GIL DAO is the mystical recording project for Professor Jason Gildow in Nebraska, and it's great -- kind of horrifying too, very mystical and ominious. You can hear the song on the Vice page, or over here at the Cuniglius Records myspace page.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here are links to all Cungilius music on itunes!

Here are links to purchase new Cuniglius Records albums on itunes. If you notice anything buggy, please let me know.

The Centimeters' Facts of Destiny:

Lydsod's Ancient Age:

The Black Strap Molasses Family's The Elixir That'll Fix 'Er (Featuring Dame Darcy, Pandora Hastings and Jack Martin):

AAAA Locksmiths & Bail Bonds' Ladies in the Star Formation:

Ambergris's Extremitrees:

Ambegris's Paid in Foam: 

Jared Whitham's Jared Whitham Goes to Wal-Mart

Joe McGinty's SPACE NUTZ! debut album: 

Dame Darcy's My Eyes Have Seen the Glory:

Dame Darcy & Dennis Driscoll's EP:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jared Whitham Goes to Wal-Mart -- on sale now!

Half Robyn Hitchcock, half Uncle Floyd: all uniquely blue-collar American autobio psychedelia. Jared Whitham’s  songs about his home in Florida, Show-Biz Pizza, public libraries and Bill Cosby are all taken from his own life, and are each delightfully twisted. See if "North Port" isn't your new favorite song.  Please note: the only "explicit song" is "Working Sixteen" -- everything else is very broadcast-friendly for the children at home.

You can listen to and purchase Jared Whitham Goes to Wal-Mart here.

Joe McGinty's SPACE NUTZ from the Planet Blorp

Uncovered by astro-anthropologists Joe McGinty and Bob Kathman, these recordings reveal the first evidence of life on the planet Blorp. Possibly the happiest music you've ever heard, “Space Nutz!” also reveals that Blorpians love the Ramones, David Cassidy and Deep Purple.

You can listen to the findings from McGinty and Kathman's groundbreaking cosmology here.

SPACE NUTZ Myspace page here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Patrick Essay on FF in Vice Mag, Join our band, KFJC Special this Sat!

Three quick things:

I wrote an article for VICE about the joys and pain of being in Flaming Fire, why I ended the band and then started it over again, and how you can feel the joy and pain with us. VICE called the article:  "LONGEST BASSIST WANTED AD IN HISTORY, OR HOW TO START AND THEN DISSOLVE AND THEN RESTART MANY, MANY BANDS AGAIN" Which is entirely accurate -- we really do need a bassist, plus lots of other folks, including you. (Very geeky references to Elric, G-Force, and Strikeforce: Morituri also included.) Please leave a comment so all the 17-year-old kids reading this article will think someone actually listens to our music.
Here it is:

If you'd like to join our fitness band (read the above Vice article for more information), you should! We'll have our first rehearsal on the first Wednesday or Thursday that it is likely to be dry and above 40 degrees in Williamsburg's McCarren Park, and announce it the week before. You can get healthy and get that adrenaline, spiritual power of rock at the same time. I realize the idea of singing or playing guitar and running sounds hard, but we've practicing for three weeks now, and it's easy. You only have to know how to play in the most rudimentary sense, and the lightweight amps we're using cost $20 at Guitar Center. If you'd like to play guitar or drums with us, let us know. If you want to run and sing, you just need running sneakers and a red tshirt or red sweatshirt. (Wear the red tshirt over something else if you're cold.)
If you didn't sign our mailing list, email me and let me know you'd like to participate, I'll send you the demos of the new running songs.
This KFJC show is narrated by Neil Gravel, and will feature new FF tracks, interviews about our West Coast FF Family, live tracks from our West Coast Flaming Fire [featuring Sheila Bosco (Faun Fables), Leon Dewan (Dewanatron), Joe Armin (The Aerosols), Anna Copa Cabanna (herself), Josh (The Aerosols) and myself]. We've been playing with Sheila, Joe and Josh once a year for about 4 years, so it's great to finally document it.
It's on 6 PM PST on Jan 31  in the Bay Area, 7 PM in North Datoka MST, 8 PM CST in Texas, and 9 PM EST for you New York types.
Tune in here:
or here:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Which of these should be the cover for 3,000,000 Rejected Operas?

If you have an opinions, please lemme know. I love opinions.        


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conversation with Terrence Ross: "Jesus, Master of Nuclear Weapons"

I dunno if you guys remember Terry, he was really tight with Tony Millionaire, Jonny A (of FF) and Helena Harvilicz back in the day. Definitely the mystic/weirdo of the bunch. Dated Dame Darcy for awhile. He was also really LARGE, so he and Jonny/Tony were pretty noticeable when they entered a room, the 3 big art guys. I always find conversations with him really interesting...he's been obsessed with ending nuclear weapons through mystic means for the last 8 years ago. It used to be creating a card game that could end nuclear war if played correctly, a couple years ago. I just heard from him for the first time in a couple years yesterday. Now he's writing a religious book about Jesus called "The Master of Nuclear Weapons."

January 15, 2008 Conversation with Terry Ross

Hi Patrick....
long time no talk to.
i am fascinated by what you are doing....what does it all mean?
but we have something in common....
i am working on a book about Jesus called "The Master of Nuclear Weapons...."
How the Hell are You? I gotta catch a Flaming Fire show soon.
Patrick Hambrecht
January 13 at 4:14pm
Hey do you prefer Terrence these days! Your book sounds great, I can't wait to read it. I don't know what FF means, it's more of a necessary inclination, or a drive...we're starting some new projects I'm excited about, Flaming Fire Fitness among them...

Terrence Ross
January 13 at 4:21pm
Terry or Terrence is fine. I was christened Terrence....
honestly, i was looking at what you are doing, the christian note, the apocalyptic note, the scary part of it....(the comparisons to the manson family) the mysterium tremendum....(i hope that is the correct latin ....). even the visual bible.
as part of my other work i am working on an Interhuman Dreaming Language...a visual set of glyphs to send BACK to the dreamworld....there is a relationship between that and the visual bible project....
i'm learning something from it....your stuff.