Monday, December 22, 2008

Jared Whitham Made this Hand

It's big! For Lauren Weinstein's Goddess of War comic release, inspired by the FF song of the same name. In early 2009, this hand will now be displayed to Swedish people in a museum for an exhibit on Lauren's comic. They're nuts about war goddesses in Northern Europe! Stay tuned for Jared Whitham's masterpiece "Jared Whitham Goes to Wal-Mart," released in January on Cuniglius Records.

Colleen Kane finds Flaming Fire in a New Orleans Haunted House

There's an amazing speakeasy in New Orleans called "The Pearl Lounge" run by the unofficial mayor of the city, MC "Jay" Trachiotomy on Sunday nights. It's hard to sum up how cool Jay is, but his house is as amazing and labyrinthingly complex and awesome as he is, and that's where the bar is. It's scary and really inviting at the same time, and everywhere you look there's some something incredible --  an eight foot mechanical ostrich, two box pianos from the 1700s,  a working WWI air raid siren, etc. Acres of this stuff.  And a really delicious taco truck.  Anyway, our pal Colleen Kane bumped into Flaming Fire when we were playing with MC Permafrost Subzero at the venue and crashing there for a couple days, and does a pretty great job of describing why the Pearl Lounge is the greatest place on earth.

Flaming Fire in Austin, by Alex Reshenov

Alex Reshenov was around through Flaming Fire's 3 crazy dates in Austin around Halloween, featuring the amazing Anna Copa Cabanna, a rare appearance by Wendi, Stirling and Patrick. You can read all about it here:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here are the first two painted album covers for Patrick's album





Monday, December 15, 2008

Order a hand-drawn copy of Patrick Hambrecht's new solo album by Dec. 19, and receive it by Dec. 24!

Patrick Hambrecht has been working on a solo album for about 8 years. You can hear some tracks from it on It's by far the most deeply personal (some would say "weirdest") project he's ever released. The music sounds very different from Flaming Fire, or anything else. Each track is completely sonically unique. It's self-recorded, with gabillions of over-dubs and tracks on most songs. In contrast to many "bedroom tape" or demo albums, many of these songs represent months of recording time apiece. There are 21 tracks: 15 with lyrics, and 6 instrumentals. One reason Patrick hadn't released it before, is because it displays a sensitivity and very odd bedroom-recording aesthetic that can be most easily compared to other screwed-up self-recorded nutcases, and is at times painfully revealing. But he feels like a fraud for sitting on about half the songs he's written. So these are the ones he chose out of a library of about 80 songs.

(Many of the songs were offered to Flaming Fire, and rejected as unplayable by human beings, due to it's often changing speeds, tempos, altered sounds and sound effects.) 3,000,000 Rejected Operas is emotional, surreal, and not like anything else you've heard.

The actual release will come out in mid-January, maybe. However, if you order before Friday, Dec. 19, you'll get a copy with a hand-drawn/hand-painted cover for $20 ($30 outside of North or South America) before Dec. 24. Individually numbered. Because he needs the cash. We'll also wrap it for the holidays and tag it. Perfect for friends, family and clients.

If Patrick loses his nerve, this will be the only time "3,000,000 Rejected Operas" will ever be sold, so click on the "buy now" button and order your copy today!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flaming Fire joins with Ex Gratia Recordings for 2008 compilation and new album in 2009!

Flaming Fire's "Gun Through A Razor" has been included in the awesome new compilation "Specialisation is for Insects" from punk label, Ex Gratia Recordings, and is planning to release a full length vinyl album with the Ex Gratia folks next year in winter 2009/spring 2010, followed by our first visit to the U.K. (Guess we better get passports.) The compilation features other stellar bands Batrider, Ten City Nation, Doomed Bird of Providence, A-Line, Handsum Pete, Chenko, Rude Mechanicals, The Electric Brains, anarchistwood, and Distant Neighbor.

Ex Gratia Recordings is the brainchild of Emma and Paul Blackwood AKA Punkvert, and is styled on the philosophy of some of our favorite labels. They say: "Ex Gratia has been influenced by the predominantly punk record labels of the 70's such as Alternative Tentacles, SST, Crass Records etc. (though with a wider music policy) and sells its releases through gigs, the internet and a small selection of independent record shops across the UK. Newest project is the Specialisation is for Insects compilation going out 21st November 2008. We are a non-exclusive label. We are not part of the world of signing the souls of musicians or their work."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dame Darcy's Amazing Pagan Nun Credo


The truth is the blood and guts of ones soul that comes oozing out when one has been smashed alive by God like a bug...."

Last week, Dame Darcy announced in a long letter written in biblical-type verse to her mailing list readers that she's moving from NYC to Portland, because of her sacred cause as a druid, elves, pagan nuns, death by medieval worms, Tibetans, Mayans, Atlantis ... I can't really sum this letter up. But it is one of my favorite published credos from her: very sad in tone, but pretty and moving, while also fantastically strange and riveting/entertaining.

I'm gonna miss her a lot. She lived in NYC for a year, we didn't see each other as much as we wanted, we were both too busy, which seems stupid now. But I hope she can relax a little bit in Portland and have some fun while she's working on her amazing comics and films.

Anyway, you can sign up for future missives from darcy, by going here.

Internal Memo #1 - Ambergris, Space Nutz, Lydsod and Jared Whitham

Jared Whitham


Matthew Thurber's Ambergris

Joe McGinty's Space Nutz

Hi Folks,

Matthew Thurber's Ambergris, Joe McGinty's Space Nutz, Lydsod and Jared Whitham albums are all on the way to the distributor, joining The Centimeters, Dame Darcy and Flaming Fire on Cuniglius Records. They should be up by the end of the month, and ready for big things in 2009! Will be joined by AAAA Locksmiths and Bail Bonds and more releases from Dame Darcy, very shortly...

1. Anyway, I'm pretty excited to have yall on board. You guys represent some of the best artists I've ever heard or seen, and it's a real pleasure to be able to put out your music. I also think that there's something very unique and perfect that all the bands share. Purity of intent, maybe.

2. I'm starting a blog for Cuniglius Records stuff. If you have anything to report or hype, -- an upcoming show, a review of your performance or music, please let me know, and i'll hype it in the blog. Here it is: Any suggestions? I realize it needs photos and stuff. I'm getting to it.

3. I also plan to mail out mp3 cds of all your albums to pertinent radio djs and websites in early 2009, after all the "Best of 2008 lists" are published, and people are ready for the new hit sounds of the future, which is you. If you DON'T want this to happen, lemme know.Will also mail them to you guys too.

4. Would be fun to have some sorta show with you guys. I realize many of us play together fairly often, but it'd be still be fun to have some sorta "launch show" or "listening party." We could host it here, deep in Jersey City at CR headquarters, unless somebody has a better idea...maybe at a gallery or loft or some such thing.

Bertram Grosvenor III

P.S. If Leon or Brian would get around to getting me a DEWANATRON album that I could format for the distributor, it would be really awesome to release their music as well! Gee...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nice Description of the Centimeters From Mutant Sounds

Cuniglius Records have been fans from way back of the Centimeters. Flaming Fire were lucky enough to play a show with them in 2002, at Galapagos. I'll write about awesome Centimeters shows later. But for now, here's a nice synopsis from the Mutant Sounds blog:

"Completely ignored, this fiercely idiosyncratic L.A. unit existed (still exist?) in a bubble of their own creation whose touchstones, at least to these ears, seem to come from an earlier era of the L.A. underground via outfits like 45 Grave and The Fibonaccis. It's a very curious combination of quirk and quease and one that takes a few spins to assimilate, as arch, addled cabaret pop shares space with offkey dirges about wanting "a dead one". Anyone who downloaded the Iceplants' headscratching E.P. that I posted a little while back will find a certain simpatico to their ungainly approaches to songform in the sparely fucked arrangements here as well. Guest spots from ex-Germs/45 Grave/C.E.D.S. nutter Don Bolles and L.A.F.M.S. vet Joseph Hammer should go some ways toward providing a context for this curio cabinet of experimental pop maneuvers, but this is really it's own unique beast and deserves a reckoning from anyone with a yen for the peculiar."

Read more about the Centimeters from Mutant Sounds here.

Here we go.

Hi, This is the first post on the Cuniglius Records web page.